Player 1 Player 2 Couples Necklace
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Player 1 Player 2 Couples Necklace

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  • Have a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or important person whom you share an important bond with? Are you involved in each other's adventures whether that be in video games or life in general? Well, here is your chance to express just how important that someone is to you! There is an unbreakable bond when you declare that another person is your Player 1 or 2. Give them this necklace and they will surely feel warmth, happiness, a smile, and even a laugh knowing that you've declared them as your Player 1 or 2.
  • Perfect for couples, valentines day, close friends or family members.
  • Unique and special gift especially for gamers.
  • Made of stainless steel polished metal.
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