Fuse Beads Arts & Crafts Set
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Fuse Beads Arts & Crafts Set

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  • FUN ACTIVITY FOR ALL AGES - With this fuse beads set, the possibilities are endless! Create keychains, ornaments, gifts, and more! So gather your friends and family and plan an arts & crafts night!
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED - Our package includes beads, keychains, tools, the canvas, and the ironing paper needed to create impressive art
  • ENDLESS HOURS OF FUN - Pick up a new hobby and create unique art pieces during the week. Your creativity can really flow! You will be impressed with the art pieces you'll be able to create.
  • SAVE MONEY - Why buy expensive video game pieces when you can just create them and save a bunch of cash.
  • MORE PERSONAL - It is a lot more personal to give friends and family members gifts created by you. We are sure they will appreciate it that much more as well!
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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