About Us

Our products are created by gamers like you, for gamers like you. We take pride in satisfying our fellow gamers around the world with our high quality products.

What we do

At Gaming Haven, we take pride in knowing that our team is comprised of not only professionals, but passionate gaming fans. Because of that, we know exactly what you want.

Our Vision

At Gaming Haven, we strive in providing you with high quality gaming related products at an affordable price. We understand that special feeling one gets when they play that perfect game meant for them. That perfect game may be a childhood game that has made an impact on our lives that we keep going back to. Maybe it's a modern game that has recently shook the gaming scene. Whatever that perfect game is, we at The Gaming Haven hope to bring that special feeling with our gaming related products.


The Gaming Haven's founder has been an avid gamer through-out his life. At the age of three, his birthday present was the original Game Boy. From then on, he has a obtained a firery passion for video games. His favorites include The Zelda series, Chrono Trigger, The Final Fantasy Series, The Witcher series, The Fallout Series, Super Smash Bros, Defense of the Ancients, Starcraft, Overwatch, Kirby, and more. He has founded The Gaming Haven to feed the passion that of other gamers around with world with high quality and affordable gaming products.